Over the past few months I have shared information about the numerous awards that the Truckee / Tahoe region is receiving for its overall appeal.  Within those award assessments, the organizations evaluated the benefits that one receives when living in a small town community that overflows with the arts, culture, and outdoor adventure that comes naturally to those who have mountain homes in Truckee, and the Lake Tahoe region.

Although all of the accolades are worthy, some believe the national acclaim may be too much, or not.

Just one look at the recent (and plentiful) articles about the THREE, yes THREE, grocery store franchises that have their eyes on Truckee and one needs to ask. “Just how many grocery  markets does one need to survive in the mountains?” And how do they appropriately “fit in” to the charm that has led to all of the recent awards.

The Sacramento-based Raley’s food chain just released their plans to build at “Soaring Ranch” – near the Truckee Tahoe Airport, that includes a ‘quintesential mountain design’ that may in fact be appropriate for the approved location.

According to a recent article ,”Raley’s is planning their Truckee endeavor to become their flagship store for the entire corporation throughout the country.”  It further noted that the archictural design and overall project is slated to be “an authentic local center where people can live, work, and shop with a variety of different stores, restaurants, and public art.”

Raley’s “Soaring Ranch’ Project Highlights: 

  • 40,000 sf grocery store with attached 12,000 sf of co-anchor retail and a 7,000 sf freestanding retail building (note that subsequent phases are contemplated with 65,000 sf of retail in four buildings); as part of the application, the developer is proposed to name the project “Soaring Ranch.”
  • 224 parking spaces
  • Infrastructure improvements include widening the Highway 267/Brockway Road/Soaring Way intersection to include right and left turn lanes, landscaping, sidewalks and construction of multi-use paved trails (Class I):
    • Connecting SR 267 along the entire property frontage (Soaring Way to Hampton Inn) with a connection to the Soaring Way/Joerger Drive intersection.
    • Connecting Soaring Way to the Riverview Sports Park on Joerger Drive (note that any future development within the “Soaring Ranch” development on the east side of SR 267 would be required to build Class I trails along both sides of Brockway Road [connecting SR 267 to the Martis Valley Road intersection] and a Class I trail connection to the Martis Valley Trail parallel to Hope Court and west of SR 267).

We all know that  there are many benefits that come with expansion and development – when done right. For now, the jury is out.  You can follow this story, and other business news as to what is underway in Truckee, CA through this link.  

Or, you can just give me a call or send me an email.  I’m in the process of reviewing architecural home designs in Northstar and Martis Camp and always hear about what’s new and forthcoming in a town that is certainly on the radar of many distinguished developers… and with good reason.

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I know, my blogs are usually focused on architectural designs for homes in Lake Tahoe and Truckee, yet it’s America – where we have freedom of speech, so here we go.

Today we are half-way through the Winter Olympics, and if I have it right, we have seen every ‘clothing’ design that was destined to be profiled on the Podium, or not, during the Winter Games.

With my innate creative mind-set, I just had to know more about all the Stars and Stripes that seem to be designed in a wide variety of angles and colors this year for our Olympic athletes.  Through investigation on our world-wide-web, I found out that the company behind the uniform branding for Team USA is the famed Polo Ralph Loren.

According to David Loren, Ralph’s son and chief innovation officer:

“The uniform celebrates the American spirit, with iconic pieces updated with modern details and technical fabrications.”

But wait, there’s more!  Did you know that the parka and classically-designed “bomber” jackets are complete with battery-powered heating systems that will keep our heroes happy and warm in sub-zero temps for up to 11 hours?  Where were they when I was digging out my home in Incline Village, NV during Snowmaggeden of 2017?

Sure could have used one of those last year!  Although I do love to ski as much as I can, don’t expect to see me in an Olympics uniform anytime soon.

However, I will continue to root for Team USA as they continue to push the limits of their life on behalf of all of us in America.

Enjoy what is left of the games!  And if you need any assistance with mountain or lakefront home design in Truckee or Lake Tahoe I’d be happy to be your hero. You can see some of my own designs, right here.

See you on the slopes!

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