Two States Four Counties

Easy Steps to Securing a Building Permit in Lake Tahoe.

First, I must let you know that once you are a settled in to your new or remodeled home in Lake Tahoe, all of the logistics you had to go through to get a building permit at Lake Tahoe are well worth it.

To help you get settled into your own piece of paradise, I have created this list of easy steps to secure your building permit in Nevada or California within the Lake Tahoe region.

The Preparation

As a new land or home owner, you will become very familiar with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA).  This agency is mandated to protect the environment of the Lake Tahoe Basin. As such, they do require the completion of a TRPA site assessment application (that evaluates your existing coverage and verifies your building allowances), project application and eventually a final building permit from your county – to build your home or commercial property.

Before you dive into the permit process, we always recommend a complete review of the property which should include a comprehensive conversation with your Lake Tahoe architect about what your ideas and dreams may be for your new investment.

At Borelli Architecture, we support our clients with assistance in submitting clear and accurate applications to help streamline the critical steps within the permitting process with the TRPA and appropriate county building departments.  These services include:

  • Architectural Design Services
  • Site Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Permit Processing Assistance
  • TRPA Feasibility Studies
  • Contractor Selection and Bidding Assistance
  • Construction Administration Services

Two States. Four Counties.

Although you may not perceive your local county offices or government agencies to be a partner in your new investment, they are, in a way, a key player in the process.

Within the Lake Tahoe region there are two states and four counties – all of which have their own rules and regulations; each of which has additional requirements to secure your actual building permit.

  • Placer County, California
  • El Dorado County, California
  • Washoe County, Nevada
  • Douglas County, Nevada

In general, a property owner or their agent (i.e. architect) must submit a project application with a filing fee and the associated application materials.

This includes a complete set of architectural and structural drawings that include a site plan, floor plan, building elevations and other important drawings.

Once your plans have been reviewed and approved by your county building department, your permits will be issued and you can begin to build your home.

One Partner

For over 30 years, Borelli Architecture has been building our established relationships with key contacts in each county.  As such, we are prepared to help you through the numerous steps that are required within each jurisdiction.

If it seems a little overwhelming, please give us a call or send us an email or text.  In addition to our architectural design services, we are here to help you get ahead of the curve to secure your appropriate permits and build your new home or commercial property sooner rather than later.