Throughout the years of designing homes in Lake Tahoe and Truckee, I have found that my clients soon realized the importance of working with a local architect.  At Borelli Architecture  in Incline Village, we can understand why one should stay close to their (new) home – especially in our environmentally complex region.

As your architect, we are also your advisor, from start to finish.  Throughout the entire project, we will be the first to clarify any questions you may have about our local agency requirements. Our job is to assure that your project is designed in accordance with our local construction codes, state and federal laws, and critical and required Best Management Practices (BMP’s) as set by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

Those who have experienced the many challenges that come with building a home in Lake Tahoe or Truckee will be the first to tell you that our local jurisdictions have some very clear and mandated regulations. With Borelli Architecture as your architect and advisor, we know the intricacies and have the connections to speed the building permit review significantly which leads to added value in reducing permit and construction time.

In addition to the regulatory demands, we also know and will advise you on what structural approaches and building materials work best in our environment that is home to extreme climates with harsh winters, significant snow loads, hot and windy days, and high elevation impacts.

Another key benefit of securing a local architect is the potential for significant savings since we can secure highly competitive bids from resources that we have worked with for many years.

One of the biggest resources a local architect can bring to a project is its relationships with General Contractors.  At Borelli Architecture, this certainly holds true.  Our team-based approach ensures we will work together with you, and the contractor, to resolve any and all issues without conflict or delay.  

Finally, we understand that your reasons for hiring the right architect are numerous … and that the relationship needs to feel comfortable, up front and above all honest.  We strive to offer all of those traits and would appreciate the opportunity to a be your LOCAL architect that knows the laws of the land, and then some.