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With the exposive attraction of the region from Millenials, to the Boomers who have had their heart set to move to a quaint community town, Lake Tahoe and Truckee are seeing the light.  When you skim the websites of our papers, every week you will see articles about how our local Chamber of Commerce, Visitor’s Bureau, and Economic Development Committees are workingi24/7 to bring new businesses to town, and new services to support our new residents’ needs.

Our improved air service is one fine example.

New Private, Semi-Private Air Services Expanding in Reno/Tahoe

It didn’t take long for several private and semi-private air service providers to recognize the growth in population in the Truckee and Lake Tahoe region.  For those of us who have lived here for quite some time, that’s no secret to us as well.

Families and young professionals who have the ability to work virtually are moving to the High Sierra and calling it home.

As a professional architectural firm in Incline Village, we have seen the growth first-hand – which has been spurred by the ability for anyone to work from anywhere on the planet.  So why not build a home or lakeside estate and wrap your business within the magnificent views that only Lake Tahoe and Truckee can offer.

Come and Go as You Please  

 With private air travel becoming more popular, North Lake Tahoe continues to embrace and improve the Tahoe Truckee Airport (KTRK)The following companies provide private air services from locations throughout the West.

JetSuiteX Lands in Reno, NV

Just this month, JetSuiteX landed its wheels for operation out of the Reno’s Atlantic Aviation.  As a recent press announcement noted:

“It hopes to lure travelers over from commercial with promises of no lines, cramped seats or baggage fees — and a free cocktail.”

The article further explained that the startup airline, an offshoot of the private charter jet company JetSuite, launched in 2016 under the guide of former JetBlue executive Alex Wilcox.

 “Targeting fliers weary from the frustrating realities of modern air travel, JetSuiteX’s charter-style service offers rates that are on average $40 more than standard commercial flights.  JetSuiteX passengers show up 15 minutes before the flight at a private terminal and board the 30-person aircraft, boasting seats with 36-inches of legroom, where they receive a free drink and snack.”

If you are interested in learning more about the region’s economic development groups and what they may be able to provide you and your business, feel free to reach out at any time.

Our architect firm that services Truckee and the Lake Tahoe area has many connections to help you connect to a life where you may indeed … live happily ever after.

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Like the Great Outdoors? You’ll Love this New Website for Eco Enthusiasts!

(Photo was taken on Tunnel Creek Trail – just above the new SR 28 Shared Use Path
a.k.a. “America’s Most Beautiful Bike Path – opening 2019)

Before I launch into my blogs, I like to poke around in the local Lake Tahoe news to see if there might be anything of interest to my clients and friends who love the lake as much as we do.

Professionally, we’re always keeping our eyes open for environmental issues, and with good reason.  As a Lake Tahoe architect firm, we honor and respect the delicate nature of our environment and vital rules and regulations that come with designing and building a home or commercial property in the Lake Tahoe and Truckee regions.

Personally, we are all very excited about the new website developed by

Thanks to more than 20 environmental organizations in the Tahoe Region, there is an excellent selection of information about environmental-friendly festivals, beach clean-up events, wildflower hikes, and then some.  They also showcase over a dozen locations where people can learn more about the history, science, and environment of Lake Tahoe.

According to their website:

“Take Care is a group of organizations that love Lake Tahoe and strives to make it easier for people to find fun and interesting ways to learn more about Tahoe. Working together, the group launched the newly redesigned and easy-to-use a single information source for all environmental education activities. The funding for the new site was made possible by a grant from AT&T.”

“Beach cleanups, wildflower hikes, insightful discussions, and environmentally-friendly festivals are just a few of the opportunities people can find on the new site.”

“Timely information on all the latest environmental events and volunteer opportunities around the lake is also available, with a search feature that allows people to find activities during specific timeframes. People can also discover information on more than a dozen centers where they can spend time learning more about the science, history, and environment of Tahoe.”

If you are thinking about building or remodeling a home in Truckee or North Lake Tahoe, we are always ready to share information about the Tahoe Basin’s Best Management Practices (BMP’s), Washoe County and Placer County Building Permits, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Feasibility Studies, and other important initiatives that must occur as part of the overall architectural design and building process.

For a full list of our Lake Tahoe and Truckee architectural services and environmental planning assistance, just visit our website now.

By the way, I took the picture above just last week on a great hike up Tunnel Creek Trail in Incline Village. It overlooks the new State Route 28 Shared Use Path that upon completion in 2019  will be “America’s Most Beautiful Bike Path.”  Want to know about other local projects underway?

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James P. Borelli
Borelli Architecture
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