Winter Is on Its Way. What’s the Best Whole Home Generator for Mountain Homes?

Although the Lake Tahoe region is experiencing a spectacular “Indian Summer,” we all know that winter is on its way.  With that said, and with all the power outages that both California and Nevada are experiencing these days, we thought we’d do a little homework about the best whole home generators for mountain homes on your behalf.

More and more of our clients at our architecture firm in Lake Tahoe and Truckee are asking us about our opinion as to whether to install a generator, or not.  When it comes down to it, the answers vary.  It really depends on each clients’ personal desires and budget.

If you live within the Tahoe region year-round, it’s a good idea to have a back-up.  If you own a vacation home that you visit off and on, and if you don’t have much food in your freezer, and have a neighbor that can check on your home, than a home generator is probably not necessary.  Again, this is completely up to you.

To give you some insight about the top home generators for mountain homes, we found a good article at FabAtHome.com that reviewed their favorite pics for the best product for you.  Before they listed their top choices, they asked the consumer two questions – which I will ask of you:

1) How much electricity do you need?

2) How much does it REALLY cost?

The article FabAtHome.com will help you answer those questions.

As for ideas of the top option for your whole house generator … we’ve listed some highlights below.  And when you have time, you  might want to visit their website for  other excellent Tech reviews, home and health care, and other home appliance information.

Top Whole Home Generators for your mountain home in Lake Tahoe, Incline Village, or Truckee, CA.

Generac 7030 Guardian Series 9kW/8kW Standby Generator

This was their top pick of the bunch.  They like it as it has a small capacity and its 9,000 watt ability pretty much can handle most appliances within your home.  They also liked the fact that its made in the USA.  In addition, it has a “RhinoCoat” finish that is corrosion resistant and designed for weather like we experience in the High Sierra.

Other key features include its ability to be monitored by a smart phone and is an overall good value for the product and what it can produce.

Kohler 20RESCL 20000 Watt

Almost any product build by Kohler is backed by a solid guarantee, and this one is no exception.  Within the review they noted that this whole house generator has a variety of appropriate features with a 20,000 watt capacity.  The one thing they really liked was the fact that it is “extremely durable” and has a corrosion-proof enclosure.  They further noted that these are very popular in ‘sea-side’ communities.

Other key features include it’s “very quite” output and an LED easy-to-read screen.

Briggs & Stratton 40415 17kW 3-Phase Standby Generator

We took a good interest in this particular model as it has an ability to operate just fine with low gas pressure – which does happen during our more significant storms.  Its capacity is 17,000 watts and comes with a commercial-grade engine.

This is also an excellent choice if your home is located real close to another neighbor.   It was designed with “sound dampening technologies” so you won’t be disrupting your community!

Briggs & Stratton 40346 20000-Watt Standby Generator

Noted as ‘one of the safest generators available on the market today,” this unit can be placed within 18″ from your home and has passed all the NFPA safety tests. It’s also a top pick for our architecture firm in Incline Village, NV as we are located above 7,000, see a lot of Sierra storms, and have a fairly big home.  This product has a 20,000 watt generator which is really the ideal size for our needs.

Unlike the others, this generator comes with a transfer switch is included which is a great money-saving addition – as you have to purchase on with the other models. You can also use this inside or outside – which ever is best for your personal situation.

For more options, we’ll encourage you to visit fabathome.net or if you’d like a more personal review, feel free to contact our architecture firm in Lake Tahoe, Carson City and Truckee, CA.  We have some excellent resources to help you make the right decision before the snow flies!

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