Every New Year’s Eve and weeks before it is always enlightening to read about some of the biggest accomplishments that occurred in 2019 and decades before; from architectural industry trends, to the world of entertainment and beyond there are some milestones worth repeating.

And with that said, our architecture firm in Incline Village raises as toast to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency that celebrated their 50th anniversary this year.

There’s an informative and entertaining article on the TRPA website that tells their tales of the years gone by and where they have come since they were formed in 1969.

I was much of a pup at that age yet I do remember some of the landmark events that occurred throughout the decades. During that time, they started to best understand what their purpose should be and what part they should play in the preservation of our land and water systems throughout the Lake Tahoe basin.

Here are some of the highlights that TRPA director Joanne S. Marchetta wrote within this celebrative article.  I hope you find it as interesting as I did as I took a trip back in time.  If you want the ‘rest of the story,” just click right in to their website.

“The year was 1969 – the Viet Nam War was raging—American Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the surface of the moon … America and indeed the world had been mesmerized by the space race.”

“The end of the decade brought us the music festivals of Altamont and Woodstock. The hippie counterculture movement was at its zenith, and Elvis was still in the building. The iconic Boeing 747 made its inaugural flight from Seattle to New York City. And the Beatles performed for the last time …”

In December 1969, President Richard Nixon signed into law the bi-state compact creating the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. The compact came about as California Governor Ronald Reagan, Nevada Governor Paul Laxalt, and others raised fears that over-development was threatening to destroy Lake Tahoe.”

“Fifty years later, TRPA remains dedicated to protecting and preserving Lake Tahoe’s natural environment. Looking back, we’ve proven that by working together collaboratively,  protecting the natural treasure that is Lake Tahoe is indeed possible.

“In 2012, with the most recent regional plan update, TRPA embraced the idea of environmental re-development. We discovered a pathway that addressed the development mistakes of the past by restoring sensitive lands. This path allowed for new investments in our communities that benefit the economy while also helping to protect and restore the environment.”

“As TRPA celebrates 50 years since our inception, we reflect on our mission. And we reflect on our failures as well as our successes. As Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” One of the most significant things we’ve learned over 50 years is that we are more effective as an agency when we work as conveners and collaborators.”

Throughout all our projects in designing lakefront estate, mountain retreats, and golf course vacation homes, Borelli Architecture works in partnership with the TRPA to ensure their mission stands strong today, and in years to come.  And at the same time, we remain flexible to our clients’ personal design dreams and needs. All combined, each project balances the best of all worlds to ensure we have done our job to protect the environment while we enhance our clients’ property and its visual assets as well.

If you have plans to build a home in Lake Tahoe or perhaps just over the hill at the Clear Creek Development in Carson City, we’d be honored to share our insight about the TRPA’s rules and all the other county regulations that must be reviewed and included as needed within any architectural home design in and around the Lake Tahoe basin.

May you enjoy a fruitful and fulfilled year ahead!

Borelli Architecture
Lake Tahoe / Truckee


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