Although there is still plenty of snow in the higher elevations, local authorities are encouraging all of us to prepare our homes and landscaping for the hot summer months to come.  In addition, there are other key measures to take when you are out enjoying this beautiful weather.

As May is the official “Wildfire Awareness Month,’ we thought we should share some local tips from our Fire Chiefs around the Lake Tahoe and Truckee Meadow regions.

Within a recent YouTube presentation, they had some good tips to share; here are the highlights.

If you choose to go camping to finally get outside for some fresh air, please remember to abide by the local regulations for campfire safety.  Among the list: if you are camping by car, bring a fire extinguisher.  If you are hiking and want to have a campfire, be sure to have shovel and bucket of water close-by.  Before you hit the sack, saturate the campfire until the coals are completely out and cold.

Got a boating or RV camping trip planned?  Be sure the chains that connect your electrical and brake systems are well above the ground.  It is not uncommon for chains that are too close to the ground to spark and cause unexpected brush fires.  Another reminder; don’t park in dry grass.

For those who like to tune-up their gun sights this time of the year, remember to take precautions as to where you target practice.  Do have a fire extinguisher, water, shovel, and a cell phone with you at all times.

If your plans are to continue to stay close to home, get outside, and take a good look at your yard and surrounding environments.  Right here in the backyard of our architecture design office in Incline Village on Lake Tahoe’s north shore our native foliage is just starting to bloom.

Regional fire departments would like to remind the media and public that May is Wildfire Awareness Month. Peak wildfire conditions in the Truckee Meadows are expected to occur around June 1, with dry conditions forecasted. Residents are encouraged to learn how they can protect their homes and communities from wildfire, in addition to helping firefighters reduce the number of human-caused fires. Regional fire chiefs provide tips on how to be fire safe this spring and summer in this video produced by the Regional Information Center. Please help keep our first responders focused on local response efforts, including COVID-19, rather than spending valuable time and resources on wildfires this spring and summer.

Want to know more about defensible space ideas in Lake Tahoe?  I am here to answer all your questions at any time.

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