(Photo courtesy of Clear Creek Development in Carson City, NV)

As an architect who has designed homes for properties on golf courses throughout the Truckee and Lake Tahoe region, I continue to enjoy the task that comes with the architectural design features that complement the home’s surroundings.

From Martis Camp, to Northstar, Old Greenwood and Gray’s Crossing to the new Clear Creek Development in Carson City, there are numerous opportunities for our architectural firm in Nevada on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore to truly showcase the ‘extra-special’ design features that are appropriate for mountain golf course home designs.

All our designs for mountain homes on golf courses certainly include the necessary structural requirements for the higher elevations that come with living in and around the Sierra.  Within that design is where the fun begins.

The whole idea is to maximize the investment our client has made to enhance their lives – and build a home on or near a mountain golf resort.

Key Features for Mountain Golf Course Home Designs

Capture the Views ~ When you live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, like Lake Tahoe and the High Sierra, the views pretty much come naturally with the parcel.  With that in mind, I must say that all the homes that have been designed by Borelli Architecture have always included every opportunity and angle to showcase the environment that wraps around the property with designs that take full advantage of the natural assets.

When a property is on a golf course, most of the designs are created to optimize the view of the greens and those darn sand and water hazards as well.  (I do love the sport yet my talent is my own handicap!)

Bring the Inside Out ~

We enjoy the challenge to create seamless indoor-outdoor transitions and often suggest large sets of windows and doors – many of which are “pocket style” to truly bring the inside … out.

And within this concept, we always like to suggest some versatile and comfortable outdoor living features that may include a welcoming bar scene, kitchen, and covered lanais for endless “Al-fresco” dining during the warmer months and gas fireplace to enjoy during the cooler months.

Bring the Outside In ~ 

All our golf course mountain home designs certainly take our clients’ needs and dreams into consideration.  And almost all those desires include single-story home with an open floor plan that complements the lifestyle that comes with living life in and around a mountain golf resort environment.

A classic example of that lifestyle is the new Clear Creek Development in Carson City which is short 20 minute drive from my architectural firm based in Incline Village, NV

Bright light, lots of large windows to let the fresh air in, space to spread-out and privacy for the owners and their and guests (and grand children!) are often at the top of the list.

Complementing this lifestyle, the design may include a Great Room, Gourmet Kitchen, and Dining area flanked with windows and a Game Room, Media Room and Den for when the weather doesn’t behave.  Oh, and of course … a Wine Cellar for  “Hole-In One” celebrations – and then some!.

If your future includes a desire to purchase a piece of property on a golf course, you might want to check out the additional tax benefits that come with doing so in the state of Nevada, or as our friends at Clear Creek refer to as a “Less Taxing Tahoe.”  You can read more on their website at ClearCreekTahoe.com.

And of course, we’d appreciate any opportunity to share our experience in designing mountain homes on a golf course, ski slope, or tucked into private mountain setting at any time.

As they say up here in the High Sierra, may you ‘tee it high and let it fly….”

James P. Borelli
Borelli Architecture
Lake Tahoe / Truckee


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