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Throughout the 30+ years that our architectural firm in Incline Village, NV on Lake Tahoe’s North shore, we’ve always thought about how interesting it would be to remodel a home or mansion or estate in Lake Tahoe.  Why? There are so many tales that tell the stories of aged properties still having company within the walls, long after the residents depart.

From homes to commercial properties, there seem to always be a story or two around this time of the year in particular where goblins and ghosts get ready to roam the streets during the Halloween season.

For fun, and a little diversion from my regular news stories, I thought I’d share a few tales that I recently read in Tahoe Quarterly.  The story is entitled: From Haunted Tales to Eyebrow-raising Myths, Lake Tahoe has Plenty Spooky Stories.

It was written by Incline local Kayla Anderson who used to work for Diamond Peak in their marketing office and later on with the Incline Village General Improvement District as their public information informant.  Today she’s a well-respected freelance writer.

I’ve selected two of the properties that she showcased that are the closest to our architecture firm here in Nevada on the Lake’s North Shore.  Enjoy the following as presented by Kayla in the Tahoe Quarterly …

The Thunderbird Lodge ~ On a quiet breezy autumn morning, the lodge’s chief executive, historian and curator Bill Watson is sitting in the stone gazebo of George Whittell’s famed estate waving to some boaters who support the preservation of the lodge. Intricately involved with the preservation of Thunderbird since 2006, Watson has spent many nights at the remote property but has yet to have a paranormal experience.

“I’ve been here on every dark and stormy night imaginable, and there was only once when I thought I heard footsteps up on the balcony,” Watson says.

He doesn’t discount what others have felt at Thunderbird, though, and there are several deaths that have been associated at the estate.

“We have volunteers who won’t go into the tunnels at night, and a few have said that they’ve sensed a presence,” Watson says, later admitting: “Given enough late nights and tequila in this lodge, anything can happen.”

Tahoe Biltmore ~ “A notorious location loaded with history and odd experiences, the Tahoe Biltmore was the meeting place for the Haunted Tahoe Biltmore Hotel ParaRetreat 2018 during the weekend of Sept. 7-9, when ghost hunters reported odd experiences.

Along with random doors opening and closing, voices whispering nearby and knocking sounds, the Biltmore’s resident ghost, Mary, was spotted regularly throughout the weekend in stairwells and hallways. Many employees have their own stories about the 1960s Aspen Cabaret (now known as the Breeze Bar) showgirl who still haunts the halls of the 72-year-old hotel, apparently appearing in several places donning a ‘60s-style mini skirt and no facial features.”

Cal Neva Resort ~ The article didn’t feature any spooky insights about this well-known haunted hotel on the state line of Nevada and California, yet I can tell you, there’s plenty of tales that have been shared throughout its halls and the world as well.  If you’re interested, just reach out to my marketing / publicist friend Lee Weber Koch with Weber & Associates.  She handled the marketing and sales for a few years when it was privately owned by entrepreneur Chuck Bluth . During her tenure, she attended a professional seance where Sammy Davis Jr. and a very distraught Native American surfaced during the event.

If you have any of your own stories to tell about a home remodel that may have awaken the past, I’d love to hear them.

Otherwise, may the force be with you this Halloween season!

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