When to Purchase A Home and Remodel? Perhaps Now … !

Home remodel in Incline Village, NV
Home remodel in Incline Village, NV by Borelli Architecture

Just this morning I read an article entitled:  We’re Running Out of Homes To Sell” in Lake Tahoe.

With key points in the article noting:

  • Lake Tahoe real estate is getting snapped up at a record pace, as San Francisco tech workers flee the city in search of more space and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Brokers say the inventory of homes for sale has shrunk to about one-fifth to one-tenth of the usual levels.
  • “People are writing all-cash offers for houses, sight unseen,” said Sabrina Belleci, a Lake Tahoe broker with Re/Max.

With more and more families and businesses moving to the state of Nevada to take advantage of its many tax benefits, our architectural firm in Incline Village, NV is fielding a lot of requests for more information about remodeling v/s buying a new home.

Right here in Incline, inventory is as tight as I have ever seen it during my 30 year residency.  With this noted, I thought I’d share some insight about the value of remodeling and some examples of what our architectural firm in Lake Tahoe and Truckee has recreated over our 30+ years of designing and remodeling homes in Washoe County.

Buyers usually want something they can move into – especially during the prime buying season – which is summer in Tahoe.  With the region’s limited inventory, and the demand to live an active life in the High Sierra, we do suggest our clients take a good look at the property’s overall assets.

Up here at 6,000+ elevation, that usually includes the views of the Lake and surrounding forest and mountain views.

If the home is rather new, a fresh coat of paint usually does the trick for a little facelift.

If the home is established, we like to look at the entire structure – evaluating its windows to ensure they are Low E, HVAC capabilities, and overall design.  The latter of which is very important when it comes to snow load – and where the snow UNLOADS when the spring thaw arrives; this past winter we’ve seen our share of broken porch railings and buried driveways due to poor design.

One also wants to review the home’s ‘new owners’ and how the design may or may not be ideal for either a large family moving in or a large home that now belongs to empty-nesters.  Our team at Borelli Architecture enjoys the opportunity to review our clients’ new purchase and offer solutions to best fit their lifestyle.  Some of the options may include the expansion of the kitchen, combining two guest rooms into an en-suite Master, refining the layout to move a downstairs bedroom to the main floor, or removing a pony wall to gain more space for a Great Room or brand new office.

In addition to the most urgent need to remodel a room into an office (see my recent post), another remodeling idea for mountain homes is to recreate the existing patio into an outdoor kitchen and dining environment.

And that is just the beginning of what one could or could not do to remodel a mountain home in Truckee or Lake Tahoe.

Another option of course, is to build a brand-new home.  There’s a beautiful golf course community in Carson City – which is just over the hill from the Lake – which also offers access to a private facility on the edge of Lake Tahoe. You can check it out at ClearCreekTahoe.com.  If you’d like a personal tour, I’ll be more than happy to show you some of the ideas for mountain golf course home designs.

Please never hesitate to give us a call to discuss your ideas for designing a home in Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Truckee, or right here in our hometown of Incline Village, NV.

James P. Borelli
Borelli Architecture
Lake Tahoe / Truckee


Lake Tahoe To Improve ADA Access to the Great Outdoors

Every time I turn around there seems to be yet another great story about what our local organizations are doing to improve the lifestyle that comes with designing, building, and owning a home in the Lake Tahoe, Truckee and Carson City regions.  And this story is one to add to those that I have shared over the years.

It got my attention as I have been working on new ideas and watching the trends for ADA architectural home designs and remodels for my clients in Nevada and California.

The California Tahoe Conservancy opened up a public comment period at the end of 2018 to review their new draft plan to improve recreation access for those with disabilities at five regional conservancy properties.

According to Conservancy Board Chair Brooke Laine, “Recreation and public access have always been a core priority for the Conservancy We’re anxious to explore how we can improve access for all who wish to enjoy all of Lake Tahoe’s natural wonders.”

You can review the  Draft Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan right here.

The specific targets for ADA improvements include:

  • Carnelian West / Gar Woods
  • Carnelian East / Patton Landing
  • Kings Beach Plaza
  • North Tahoe Beach,
  • California side of Van Sickle Bi-State Park

The article noted that under the new plan, the Conservancy will:

  • put management of its nearly 4,700 properties, which total more than 6,500 acres, at the center of its work,
  • increase the Lake Tahoe Basin’s resilience to climate change impacts,
  • use large-scale initiatives—such as the Lake Tahoe West Restoration Partnership and the Tahoe-Central Sierra Initiative—to address such large-scale threats as climate change and catastrophic wildfire,
  • fulfill the vision provided by Proposition 68 of ensuring the Conservancy’s recreation opportunities are welcoming and accessible for California’s diverse communities, and
  • align the Conservancy’s workforce and partnerships with the new Strategic Plan.

Within the various meetings over the past month or so, the Tahoe Conservancy board also authorized the investment of $484,250 to three key projects focused on reducing fire risk and improving forest health.

So there’s some good news to share with you and those in particular who are disabled yet still have a passion to enjoy the great outdoors – right here in the heart of the High Sierra.

If you happen to know of anyone who needs to remodel their home or design a new home to meet ADA standards, please reach out to Borelli Architecture as we are familiar with the requirements and always here to share our insight.

James P. Borelli
Borelli Architecture
Lake Tahoe / Truckee

Record Number of Tech Companies Moving to Northern Nevada

With this being our last blog of the year, we thought we’d follow the trends to do a recap of some of the biggest highlights of the region.  Hands-down is the explosive interest in businesses and families moving to Northern Nevada.

And that’s all good news for our architect firm in Incline Village, NV on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore that offers architectural services for residential and commercial properties.

To pull the whole year together in a short blog (we know you’re busy) I’ve taken some excerpts from a recent article re:  “Record Number of Tech Companies Relocate to Reno/Sparks” as published in NORTHERN NEVADA BUSINESS VIEW

Go ahead and read on … and when you’re ready to purchase some land in Nevada and need a seasoned, local, Lake Tahoe architect to design your new mountain home or lakefront estate, reach out at any time.


It’s no secret the greater Reno-Sparks economy saw a surge of tech companies plug into the region in 2018.

That was no more apparent than at the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada’s “New and Expanded Companies” welcome reception Thursday, Dec. 6, at the Peppermill in Reno.

This year saw a record number of tech companies (11) and corporate headquarters (15) stake flags in the region. Technology-related businesses made up the largest segment of companies assisted by EDAWN, according to a press release.

One of those tech companies honored Dec. 6 was Talage , a software firm that provides a digital marketplace for small business insurance. Over the summer, the company set up its headquarters on South Wells Avenue in Reno.

“All the things EDAWN’s been striving to do the past few years, I think they’re backing it up,” Adam Kiefer, Talage CEO and cofounder, told the NNBV. “And Reno is making that shift from essentially a transportation, warehousing hub to a legitimate tech player. And I think we’re starting to make moves. We’ve got a long way to go. I think the more people that can move real headquarters and build real startups here … I think it’s big steps in the right direction.”

In closing, Mike Kazmierski, president, and CEO of EDAWN, said in a statement:

“The new opportunities this creates for our workforce are sure to have a positive impact for generations to come and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Our team at Borelli Architecture and Kelly Borelli Interior Design couldn’t have said it better!

Here’s to a very healthy and prosperous new year!

James P. Borelli
Borelli Architecture
Lake Tahoe / Truckee

Clear Creek Tahoe Praised as “A New State of Luxury”


(Illustration courtesy of Clear Creek Development)

My last blog about the new Clear Creek Development in Carson City, NV – just over the hill from Lake Tahoe  – had such great response that I thought I’d share some insight from another view of what is becoming THE place to build and call ‘home sweet home.’

I’ve borrowed this insight from an April, 2018 article in Tahoe Quarterly magazine which is by far one of the most respected and read publications for those who appreciate and seek quality of life.

Here’s a preview of the article …

Clear Creek Tahoe has long held a grand vision for its 2,136 acres of prime mountain real estate. With each progress-filled day on the heels of a busy winter, that dream is quickly becoming a reality.

“Clear Creek has a lot going on,” says Mark Tanner, owner of Truckee’s Mark Tanner Construction. “We’re excited about Clear Creek. It’s the next Martis Camp as far as I see it.”

Tanner is among a growing number of high-end builders and designers with projects underway in the emerging private community, which broke ground on new homes this past year and unveils its new Pro Shop & Provisions and Summit Camp amenities this spring.

“We recently started our fifth custom home, and we have another 10 or 12 in the design stage. We’re starting to be able to show what the early products are going to look like,” says Keith Franke, Clear Creek’s director of development and design. “And by all accounts, the quality is superlative.”

These milestones are significant as the private golf club becomes a full-amenity, four-season destination that attracts custom homebuyers from across the globe.

Our goal is to set the stage for magnificent life experiences,” says Leisha Ehlert of Castle Hill Partners, Clear Creek’s capital and operational partner.

The Clear Creek dream arose more than a decade ago from a promising land purchase on the eastern slope of the Carson Range.

Tucked off of Highway 50 just east of the Tahoe Basin, the scenic valley provided an ideal setting for a golf course community—panoramic views from the Carson Valley to Spooner Summit, healthy conifer forests, rugged rock outcroppings, a lush meadow and Clear Creek itself, which winds 1.5 miles through the property on its way to the Carson River.

But with Tahoe’s housing market gripped by the Great Recession in the late 2000s, the timing was poor to launch an ambitious residential project. The Clear Creek team put the real estate development on hold but hired acclaimed golf course architects Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw to design a world-class course.

Meanwhile, the club developed on-site hiking and mountain biking trails and placed 853 acres of its land into a permanent conservation easement with The Nature Conservancy. The club then added to its appeal by purchasing the historic Julia Morgan-designed Twin Pines Estate in South Lake Tahoe in 2016. The estate, located 20 minutes from Clear Creek, provides members access to a pier and over 180 feet of sandy beachfront, as well as shuttle service to nearby Heavenly in the winter.

With the Coore & Crenshaw golf course a hit among the initial members, and Tahoe’s housing market thriving, the club moved forward with its real estate plans early last year.

Clear Creek’s homesites are now a hot commodity…

And with that said, Borelli Architecture is very familiar with the Clear Creek team and the extensive project so if you’d like a tour of the property, or want to discuss the  many homesites that offer views of the flourishing Carson Valley to Spooner Summit, give me a call at 775-831-3060 or send me an email at jim@borelliarchitecture.com.

As our Nevada-based architecture firm in Incline Village is a short drive from the development, it’s easy for me to line everything up for you so your time is focused on your particular needs and dreams.

James P. Borelli
Borelli Architecture
Lake Tahoe / Truckee

Hows Creative Minds Help Solve Housing Shortage in Truckee, CA

(Photo courtesy of Nancy Holliday)

It never ceases to amaze me to read about new innovations and the incredible amount of professional talent that continues to choose the Truckee and Lake Tahoe region as their home sweet home – and this story will show that this is no exception.

For many years, the region has struggled with housing for all the Lake Tahoe ski resort employees that dream of ‘living the dream’ and working at a ski resort.  The jobs are certainly available and pay well – in addition to offering food, rentals, lessons at greatly reduced costs or free, what doesn’t come with the job offer is an affordable home in which to live out that dream.

New “Building Blocks” Bring Affordable Housing to Truckee, CA

In a recent story Moonshine Ink, one of my favorite local independent newspapers, I saw a story that I just had to share in my news section to you today.

Long story short, a group of local businesses “couldn’t take it anymore” and decided to reach out to resources across the country to help lessen the burden on its resort employees and do something about the housing shortage.

As the story goes …

“This December  an initial wave of 12-by-60-foot flatbed trucks carrying Truckee housing will roll into town. The homes, stacked like 20-ton Lego blocks, will be bound for the community’s newest housing development, Coburn Crossing, bringing 137 much needed rentals to the market. Closely following will be a second round of homes on wheels headed for the 90-unit affordable housing Artist Lofts project at the Truckee Railyard.”

What’s fascinating about all of this is that this whole idea of doing something ‘outside of the box” started with a grassroots effort by local business men and women.

Today, three hours from Truckee, the affordable housing units are being built inside – not a box – yet an old converted submarine manufacturing site (in Vallejo, CA) from the middle of the last century!  And they are being built at a rate of “a unit a day!”

Wrapping this up to keep things short and sweet, here’s another snip-it from the story that tells the rest of the story …

A good fit for Truckee/Tahoe

“Here in Truckee/Tahoe the benefits of modular have the potential to count double. According to Pat Davison, governmental affairs director at the Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe, the local building industry is strong, but the workforce never fully bounced back from the last recession. She said an influx of modular building, as long as providers savvy to our regional codes and practices, would be “welcomed with open arms.” She also echoed Bradshaw’s sentiments about the changing industry.

“It’s about … being open-minded, being able to evolve, and grow as an industry and that means embracing some of these new ideas and new ways of doing things,” said Davison.

Gotta love living in a place where creative minds work together for all the right reasons!

If you ever want to know what’s going on within the home design and building business in Truckee or Lake Tahoe, feel free to reach out.  I’ve been watching the market for over 30 years and would love to share the history that is apparently being made every day!

James P. Borelli
Borelli Architecture
Truckee / Lake Tahoe

TRPA To Finalize Vote on New Lake Tahoe Shoreline Plan

For those of you who are looking for a Lake Tahoe architect to help you build a home on Lake Tahoe, commence on an extensive home remodel, or are involved in a redevelopment project, I encourage you to read this blog to the end.

This past week, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency provided us with an update to their two-year process of developing a new Shoreline Plan.

Noted by the TRPA as “milestones,” this initiatives will come to a close – estimated for final approval October 24th – with the final unveiling of what property owners and commercial developers will need to know before anyone puts their pen to the paper to design, or redesign, any property along the Lake’s well-protected shoreline.

What is the TRPA Shoreline Plan and Why Is It Important to You?

Two years ago, the TRPA joined forces with a variety of stakeholders and embarked on a highly-collaborative planning process focused on fighting aquatic invasive species, improving the health of our forests, upgrading the region’s transportation system and developing a basin-wide wildfire preparedness program.

Why is this important to you?  According to the TRPA’s recent newsletter:

“The proposed Shoreline Plan creates development caps and regulations for a limited number of new shoreline structures such as piers, buoys, and public boat ramps, as well as a framework for marinas to expand or reconfigure if they incorporate environmental improvements.”

The update from TRPA continued to explain  … “The programs include better boater education and enforcement of the 600-foot no-wake zone, an expansion of the no-wake zone to include all Emerald Bay, and new no-wake buffer zones for swimmers, paddlers, and shoreline structures; all aimed at reducing boating noise impacts and improving recreation safety on the lake.

“… the new programs also include better monitoring for noise and scenic impacts, additional projects to control harmful aquatic invasive species, enforcement of unauthorized moorings on the lake, and new provisions to keep loud boats with aftermarket exhaust systems that exceed noise standards from operating on the lake.

In short … as a property owner, with a home within in the Lake Tahoe basin and on the lake, in particular, you will be held to requirements if you choose to alter your land, remodel your boathouse, our replace or install a buoy.

Have no fear!  The Borelli Team is here …

For over 30 years, Borelli Architecture in Lake Tahoe and Truckee have been offering a variety of architectural design services to help our clients get through the numerous TRPA policies and county ordinances that one must adhere to when one wants to change the lay of the land.  Some of the services key to this subject include:

  • Site Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Permit Processing Assistance
  • TRPA Feasibility Studies

If you believe you might be impacted by the new regulations of the TRPA Shoreline Plan, please do reach out.  We’ve been around the Lake region for a long time and have the appropriate connections and local insight that only a local Lake Tahoe architectural firm can offer.

James P. Borelli
Borelli Architecture
Truckee / Lake Tahoe



There is something about living in and around some of the most spectacular scenery that shifts one’s outlook on life – outdoors – in the mountains.  And day after day our architectural firm in Truckee and Lake Tahoe is hearing from our clients who have made the decision to pack up and move to the High Sierra… for just those reasons. Clear air. Less traffic. Spectacular seasons. Endless adventure right out their backdoor.

So let’s get started.  Here are some top tips from Borelli Architecture who enjoys every opportunity to design homes in the Lake Tahoe and Truckee regions for clients who seek a healthier lifestyle.

Choose a location that fits your needs and dreams. 

Fortunately for all, the Lake Tahoe and Truckee region offer an outstanding variety of new home development opportunities as well as vacant land in residential communities and on the outskirts of town.  From the prestigious Martis Camp development in Truckee, CA, to the new property options in and around Northstar California, to vacant land throughout Tahoe’s North Shore, it is highly likely that the perfect spot for you to call ‘home’ awaits you and yours.

Decide on your ideal home’s style.

When we talk with our clients about their vision of the ‘perfect mountain home,’ we always hear a different answer.  Some want an architectural design ‘brings the outdoors in.’  Others explain their interest to design the home to complement the property’s environmental features.  And there’s always a conversation to ensure the home is structurally sound to last for generations – no matter how tough a winter season may be.

Set a budget.

From the initial purchase of your property, to the last yard of carpet, you will want to be sure you have an appropriate budget to cover the obvious, and sometimes not so obvious, expenses.  As this is one of the most important investments in your life, our team at Borelli Architecture always ensures our clients are financially prepared and comfortable with what’s to come.

For mountain home design, secure a local architect.

Building homes in the High Sierra is an art to be handled by those who have the knowledge and experience in designing mountain homes that will protect your investment, and your family, from the varying and challenging seasonal changes; high winds, deep snowpack, freezing temperatures, and long hot days all come in to play.  Don’t risk purchasing a pre-fabricated plan on line; they won’t hold up to the extreme conditions.

And with a local architect’s insight, they will also help you get the best benefits out of your property’s location.  Windows facing east to capture the morning sun, patios facing west for the perfect sunset spot, and a driveway facing south to melt the winter snow.

Be aware of, and abide by, the local TRPA and County rules and regulations.

There might not be another region around the world that is tied to as many rules and regulations when it comes to building or remodeling a home in Lake Tahoe.  It’s so complex, our team at Borelli Architecture offers an extensive list of services to keep the process of building your home stress free:

  • Personal Architectural Design Services
  • Site Planning
  • Contractor Selection and Bidding Assistance
  • Construction Administration Service
  • Space Planning
  • Permit Processing Assistance
  • Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Feasibility Studies

Ready to seek a healthier lifestyle for the best of the rest of your life?

We’re ready when you are.  And even if you are just thinking about the option to move to Lake Tahoe or Truckee, feel free to give us a call for some good-old-fashioned local advice on how to build a home in the mountains.

James P. Borelli
Borelli Architecture
Truckee / Lake Tahoe

How to Keep Your Forested Landscape Healthy, Fire Safe

With all the fires that the West has experienced, and continues to fight, this year, I thought our architectural firm in Lake Tahoe might be able to help you keep your backyard healthy and as prepared as possible for next year’s fire season.

Defensible Space.  Why It’s Important to You and Your Home.

In June, we published an extensive blog about defensible space, and what you can do right now while the weather is still nice for outdoor yard work.  For a complete list of the best tips for preparing your home with defensible space, be sure to click into that story about defensible space right here on our website.

Forest in Your Backyard? Keep It Healthy & Fire Safe.

For over 30 years, Borelli Architecture has been designing mountain homes in the Lake Tahoe Basin and Truckee region that are often wrapped within a forest environment.  Inasmuch as we focus on designing the home to our clients’ needs and dreams, we always take the adjoining landscape and trees into mind within the design process.

Once the home is established, we encourage our clients to invest some time in their yards to ensure they remain healthy as that contributes to the home’s value as well as the overall health of the forest.

To get you started, we’re offering some tips on how to maintain a healthy forest.

Get To Know Your Trees.  This is always a fun adventure to share with your kids and is also educational for you as well.  We found a good source that identifies pines in particular, complete with photos that serve as an excellent ‘cheat sheet’ as you wander through your forested backyard, or on a hike this fall.

Learn about the Popular Insects and Diseases of the Tahoe Basin.  You probably have heard about the Beetle infestation, yet what about Heart Rot, Dwarf Mistletoe and Western Gall Rust?  All can have a significant impact on the health of your trees.  As can man-made injuries from snowplows and other machinery and cars.  What you may think is a diseased tree, could actually be an injured pine.  This link will show you photos and complete descriptions of the diseases and insects of the Lake Tahoe Basin and surrounding High Sierra.

Give Your Trees Some Space.  Depending on the size of the trees, you may have to secure a permit to remove a few trees that are overcrowding its neighbors.  For a good guide as to what steps you need to take, click into this brochure “A Property Owner’s Guide to Tree Removal in the Lake Tahoe Basin.”

Landscape Appropriately.  When our architectural firm in Tahoe embarks on the design of our clients’ homes, we are certainly involved in site planning, space planning, and TRPA feasibility studies, among many other services that are needed to build a home in Truckee and Lake Tahoe.  And although we are not involved in the landscaping per se, we appreciate every opportunity to share our local insight as to which plants and shrubs are appropriate for our four-season environment.  To help you out, here’s a link to a “Home Landscaping Guide for Lake Tahoe and the Vicinity.”

If you ever have any questions about how to keep your forested backyard healthy, or need additional tips or professional assistance with defensible space, just give Borelli Architecturecall at 775-831-3060.  We have a variety of home building services and landscaping contacts to help you do the best job to keep your backyard fire-safe and forest healthy for years to come.

James P. Borelli
Borelli Architecture
Truckee / Lake Tahoe


Although most of my blogs have been created to enlighten you about real estate trends and the intricacies of building or remodeling a home in the Truckee region and Lake Tahoe Basin, I’ve decided to step away from the norm to share a story that I recently read in Lake Tahoe This Week.   The article is titled “25 Amazing Aspects to Lake Tahoe.”

When I read the story, it reminded me as to why my wife, Kelly, and I have worked hard to make a good living in a land that is indeed one of the most spectacular treasures on Earth.  I’ll give credit right now to its author, Shanie Matthews, who started the article with accolades for this Gem that without a doubt, adds value to investing in land or property within the Lake Tahoe Basin…

“If you read through my blog posts, you know that one thing is absolutely clear: I truly believe Lake Tahoe is an amazing placeWith so many positive points, its exquisiteness can be overwhelming. The way that the mountains create a mesmerizing frame to an ever-changing face of a moody lake is reminiscent of Europe in many ways.”

Highlights of the 25 Amazing Aspects to Lake Tahoe

I suggest you read the whole story, yet in the meantime, Kelly and I selected a few of the highlights that were of personal interest to us:

  • Lake Tahoe is aging gracefully, clocking in at 2 million years old!
  • Lake Tahoe is unique in that it is endothermic basin. This means that it drains into the Truckee River and instead of flowing toward the ocean as most rivers do, it flows east into the mountains with a final destination in Pyramid Lake.
  • Lake Tahoe is one of the purest water lakes in the world, with the water coming in at 99.994% pure (this is close to distilled water that is 99.998% pure).
  • Our year-round, long-term population for the basin is 53,000 people. This number surges during the peak seasons and can hit 300,000 people.
  • Lake Tahoe is surrounded by five peaks that are over 9,000 feet, including Rubicon Peak (9,183’), Mt Tallac (9,735’), Pyramid Peak (9,985’), Mt Rose ((10,778’) and Freel Peak (10,881’).
  • The lighthouse located on Rubicon Trail was once considered the world’s highest working lighthouse.
  • Crystal Bay is the deepest part of Lake Tahoe, measuring in at a staggering1,645 feet below the surface (a depth that would swallow the Empire State Building).
  • Lake Tahoe tap water has been named the best tasting tap water in the United States.
  • There are 63 different tributaries that release water into Lake Tahoe, but only one release valve, being the Truckee River.
  • And a real favorite that we have yet to see ourselves … There is reported to be a Loch Ness-type monster that lives in Lake Tahoe. Her name is Tessie.

If you ever want to know more about the Lake Tahoe Basin, feel free to contact us at any time.  We have been running our architecture firm and interior design companies in Lake Tahoe, and the Truckee region, for over 30 years.

Best to you,

Jim& Kelly Borelli






James P. Borelli
Borelli Architecture
Truckee / Lake Tahoe

Kelly Borelli
Kelly Borelli Interiors
Truckee / Lake Tahoe




June is Lake Tahoe’s Wildfire Awareness Month. How Prepared Are You?

June is Lake Tahoe’s Wildfire Awareness Month.  How Prepared Are You?

With the summer upon us, it’s the right time to plan and prepare your home and property with defensive space.   To help you get to it now, and not later, our team at Borelli Architecture in Incline Village, NV has done some research and is now providing you with some helpful contacts, websites, and events that are part of our annual Lake Tahoe Basin Wildfire Preparedness Month.

Why Prepare Now?

What began as a very dry winter in the Lake Tahoe Basin ended with Sierra snowpack approximately 85% of normal, thanks to heavy precipitation received during the month of March. However, both the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) and the Reno National Weather Service (NWS) expect a warming trend to develop that will lead to drier than normal conditions by late spring.

As a result, the below average snow pack is expected to melt faster, grasses and other vegetation are expected to dry out earlier and wildland fire activity is likely to increase to above average by mid-summer.

Wildfire Preparedness Tips

Springtime in the Sierra is the perfect time to complete defensible space clean up around homes, review evacuation plans, sign-up for reverse 911 your county, contact local fire districts to schedule free defensible space evaluations, learn about free chipping services, and talk to neighbors about the importance of wildfire preparedness.

Permanent residents, second-home owners and vacation home owners/renters should familiarize themselves with and follow advice found at this link from Living With Fire.  It offers an extensive list of things you and your family can do to be as prepared as possible.

Free Seminars and Events About Lake Tahoe Basin Wildfire Awareness Month

If you want to get a jump-start to prepare you home and property, take time to attend one of the many events our local authorities have planned on your behalf.

 Date/Time Event
All Day
Lake Tahoe Basin Wildfire Awareness Month Begins!
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Wildfire Safety Expo
TJ Maxx Parking Lot, South Lake Tahoe CA
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Wildfire Community Preparedness Day
Zephyr Cove Post Office, Zephyr Cove NV
9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Whispering Pines Shrub Crawl & Block Party
Whipering Pines, Incline Village NV
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Learn S’More About Fire Safety and Fire Safe
Zephyr Cove Beach, Zephyr Cove NV
8:00 am – 10:00 am
Community Pancake Breakfast – North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District
North Lake Tahoe Fire Station, Incline Village NV

Remember it’s not a matter of “if” the next wildfire will occur, it’s a matter of “when”.

If you have any specific questions about preparing your home for wildfire, please feel free to directly contact our local North Lake Tahoe Protection District at 775 831 0351 or stop in their main headquarters at 866 Oriole Way, Incline Village, NV  89451.

Finally, as your neighbor who has lived on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore for over 30 years, I have learned quite a bit about defensible space.  Feel free to contact me at any time for tips that I have learned over the years...





James P. Borelli
Borelli Architecture
Truckee / Lake Tahoe